RxIS–Nursing Home

RxIS–Nursing Home is an extremely powerful yet simple browser based electronic Medical Records Management system for nursing homes and small hospitals. It offers a comprehensive solution in Managing the organization, Health Record creation, Portability and Analysis.

RxIS–Nursing Home has 8 core modules: Front office, Appointment Scheduling, Out Patient (OPD), In Patient (IPD), Clinical Module (EMR), Patient Access, Pharmacy and Inventory.

Key features:

  1. Patient Registry
  2. Appointment Scheduling
  3. Follow-up/Recall Tracking
  4. Fax/Email Capability
  5. Mobile Solutions
  6. Health Maintenance
  7. Electronic Charts
  8. Image Management
  9. Medications Module
  10. Referral Management
  11. Advanced Security
  12. Transferable CCR Capabilities
  13. MIS Reports Generation
  14. Browser Based Patient Access
RxIS Nursing Home