RxIS–Lab Management System

RxIS–Lab Management System plays a vital role to accomplish laboratory workflow from patient invoicing to reporting of results. It is cost effective client-server system that efficiently work within multi-user environment in the same premises. It helps to manage all laboratory related activities with time saving and higher accuracy.

The magnetism of the RxIS–Lab management system is to complete the laboratory process in simple and easy to learn steps. This system is completely flexible to add different kind of LAB tests. It also provides you facility to backup & restore your valuable data at any time with a single click. The system has 6 Core Modules: Patient Registration, Lab & Diagnostics Workflow, Billing, Master Settings, Reports and Backup & Restore.


Key features:

  1. Comprehensive Lab Test System
  2. Manage a variety of test reports
  3. Facilities to add any kind of tests
  4. User defined data access
  5. Receipt printing and reprinting
  6. Manage patient history
  7. Manage consultant doctor's database
  8. Referral management
  9. Password facility to ensure approved access
  10. Backup & Restore facility
  11. Multi-user LAN compatible
  12. Compatible with Windows-9X or higher
RxIS Lab Management System