RxIS HospitalRxIS–Hospital is a completely integrated Filmless and Paperless Browser Based ERP solution for large & medium sized healthcare organizations at affordable cost. It is highly generalized versatile software, parameter driven with self-explanatory screens and user-friendly outputs.

RxIS–Nursing Home

RxIS Nursing HomeRxIS–Nursing Home is an extremely powerful yet simple browser based electronic Medical Records Management system for nursing homes and small hospitals. It offers a comprehensive solution in Managing the organization, Health Record creation, Portability and Analysis.

RxIS–Lab Mgmt. System

RxIS Lab Management SystemRxIS–Lab Management System plays a vital role to accomplish laboratory workflow from patient invoicing to reporting of results. It is cost effective client-server system that efficiently work within multi-user environment in the same premises. It helps to manage all laboratory related activities with time saving and higher accuracy.


RxIS NotesRxIS-Notes is a unique, extremely convenient and cost effective browser based EMR system designed for the doctors to create a patient’s record without being forced to type on keyboard or even looking at the monitor which allows the doctor to concentrate completely on patient care.